The 1st International Baberti Agriculture and Livestock Workshop and Congress which will be held in Bayburt will be organized by the cooperation of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bayburt Governorate, Bayburt and Gümüşhane Universities. 

This congress will be held in an interactive environment with the participation of many academicians specialized in their field, sector and media representatives. It is aimed to examine the scientific and technological developments in the fields of agriculture and livestock at the international level and to to provide opportunities for new collaborations.

For this purpose; gathering of all stakeholders, developing technology and current situation in these fields of activity and discussing new scientific approaches is extremely valuable.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would be honored to invite all stakeholders to discuss the current situation and future of agriculture and livestock, to identify problems, to develop realistic and high-probability suggestions to practice and to attract the attention of the public on these issues to the congress.

Prof. Dr. Vecihi AKSAKAL

Conference Chairman